I do NOT take insurance.

Super bills are provided at the end of the month for any out-of-network benefits.

I offer free 15-30 minute consultations.


Contact in between sessions as needed via phone and text is included free of charge.

Individual therapy: $250/45 or $300/60

Intake for individual therapy: $450/90

Couple’s or Relationship Therapy: (this can be for two or more people in romantic or partnered relationships; all structures and identities accepted): $300/hr (minimum 1hr)

Group Therapy: Both MBT Supervision group and clinical group(s) will be available in the future. Please check back periodically or PLEASE reach out via the form at the bottom of the page if you have interest. (The more interest I have, the sooner I can offer groups). I am also potentially going to be offering a processing/support group for clinicians.

Family Therapy: $300/hr (minimum 1hr) Intensive Family Therapy and in-home family therapy are available but please contact me for more information.



MBT Supervision

This MBT supervision is best suited for clinicians who work with adults, adolescents, couple’s/relationships, or families (this is not for clinicians who treat children). I would highly prefer to supervise fully licensed clinicians otherwise it turns into double supervision but I am willing to work with LMSWs (the only non fully licensed clinicians I can supervise) if those clinicians are willing to get and contract for double supervision (trying to do both in 1hr is a lot, I was doing it at my previous employment). I am currently available via remote and supervision would be 1hr per week, 1hr every other week, or 1hr monthly depending on the clinicians experience with MBT. In order to provide supervision, the clinician has to be practicing MBT in session with at least 1 client and have at least 1 client who is willing to be recorded (by video). Given the wide range my compensation would be discussed and part of our contract together. Once I have enough clinicians I will likely also offer group MBT supervision. Please feel free to contact me with questions if you have any!

LCSW Supervision

I offer contract-based supervision for anyone with an MSW (sorry but no interns at this time).

Training & Business Consultation

Please feel free to reach out to discuss training or consultation for your business or organization. I offer a free 30-minute Zoom consultation for services. I am available to help improve your company with:

~Consent Training

~Making language/policy/procedures and business documents gender neutral and/or more inclusive (ex: adding extra gender identities)

~Make an assessment and provide your business/company with written feedback on how to make your organization more inclusive and/or more sex positive (use of pronouns, how to avoid micro aggressions, and more)

Rate: $300 per hour with 1hr minimum, no work will be completed (no free assessments) until a contract and partial payment are made