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MBT Supervision
I offer MBT supervision for licensed clinicians who work with adults, adolescents, couples/relationships, or families. (This is not for clinicians who treat children.)


I am currently providing supervision remotely. Supervision options include 1 hour per week, 1 hour every other week, or 1 hour monthly, depending on the clinician’s experience with MBT. In order to provide supervision, the clinician has to be practicing MBT in session with at least one client who is willing to be recorded (on video).  For rates, please contact me directly to discuss your supervision needs.

LCSW Supervision
I offer contract-based supervision for anyone with an MSW (Sorry, no interns at this time).

Training & Business Consultation

I offer a free, 30-minute Zoom consultation for business and organizational services.


I am available to help improve your company with:

  • Consent Training

  • Providing an assessment and written feedback on how you can make your company more sex-positive. (Examples include: the use of pronouns; incorporating gender-neutral and inclusive language into business documents; and how to avoid microaggressions.)

Inquire for rates.

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